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As we're wrapping up 2021, some questions come to mind. Will we return to the office this year? Will we be able to travel more, meet more people, and interact with more people?

These questions sound a lot like the ones we had last year around this time. Although things didn't change much in this regard, we concentrated on the challenges that SEOs faced in 2021. From countless algorithm updates to infinite scrolling, title changes, and more, all while having tons of fun and coffee!

Here's an overview of what we were up to in 2021.

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Advanced Web Ranking
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“Numbers are the most certain things we have.” - Andy Rooney

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New Releases In 2021

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    We dedicated the first month of the year to developing new methods for measuring rank performance. In a world where 世界杯滚球平台s are constantly changing, rank positions alone cannot provide anymore a complete picture of your performance.

    As a result, we've introduced two new metrics:  Pixel Position and Visibility Distribution which will help you get a more accurate view of the actual visibility in search results.

    On the same line, we've made AWR's Market Share data exportable via 世界杯滚球平台 and Google Data Studio Connector.

  • February

    This month was all about  世界杯滚球平台 Analysis , bringing lots of visual enhancements to the AWR’s HTML 世界杯滚球平台 View.

    We introduced the above the fold & below the fold automatic detection, 世界杯滚球平台 Feature groups and more granular details about each result type, helping you to understand what elements Google favors for the keywords you are targeting.

  • March

    As spring came along, we switched the focus a bit towards reporting. The predefined templates in AWR got a new look, both in terms of design, and the information reported.

    A new keyword performance widget was added to the report editor: Keyword Ranking multiple dates. It helps you understand the volatility of your keywords by comparing the individual positions across several ranking updates.

    Before the month ended, the  XLSX file format (Microsoft Excel) became available in AWR, both for quick report downloads, and for Google Drive uploads.

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  • April

    This month, we focused our efforts on enhancing keyword and competitor in-depth analysis.

    This brought AWR’s established metrics  Estimated Visits & Estimated Daily Traffic to the Keyword Ranking view, making the granular traffic data available at keyword level.

    At the same time, we’ve continued to enhance AWR’s  Organic CTR free tool with new data updates and filtering options.

  • May

    Core Web Vitals  metrics started to impact rankings in 2021, changing the way user experience and seo strategies are evaluated. With this update, we’ve integrated  Page Experience monitoring in the search engine tracking workflow with Advanced Web Ranking.

    At the same time, the  Competitors  section was enhanced with a suggestion data source, which helps you identify the most important competing domains in your industry, based on your own domain name, or on the top keywords targeted in the project.

  • June

    Summer arrived, and our attention shifted towards process automation. This introduced a new type of AWR data for CSV exports:  Market Share  ,as well as more customization options when configuring  automatic exports to FTP .

    Scheduled ranking updates have also received an improvement in terms of default preferences: weekly updates are now delivered on Monday, while biweekly updates are delivered on the first and fifteenth of each month.

  • July

    We know that keeping  your clients' data safe  is crucial, so in July we released  Two-Factor Authentication for everyone.

    This new functionality lets you use a physical device like a cell phone or tablet as an additional key in order to gain access to your AWR account. That means that even if a hacker gains access to your username and password, they would still need access to your phone or tablet to log in.

  • August

    Before summer ended, we added an improvement to the  Google Algorithm Changes free tool.

    This was designed to help you stay up to date with all changes in the algorithm, by receiving  push notification  whenever the volatility reaches or exceeds a threshold. This way, you won't miss a single  Google significant update  since you'll get notified even when the browser is closed.

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  • September

    At the end of August 2021, Google announced that it has changed how they generate the page titles for search result listings.

    To help AWR users keep up with this change, we released a feature that automatically detects both the  世界杯滚球平台 title , and the  URL title tag . You can compare the titles shown in 世界杯滚球平台s with the ones added in your meta tags to see how the title information varies and what are the differences.

  • October

    In October, three new types of 世界杯滚球平台 Features were added under the Keyword Ranking report from AWR. You can now see which of the keywords you are monitoring triggered  Indented URLs Products  or  Interesting Finds  results.

    Indented URLs and Products results are available for both Google Desktop and Mobile, while Interesting Finds are available only for Google Mobile as they can appear only on mobile devices.

  • November

    The  Click Share  metric got a major revamp. You can now achieve more  accurate SEO projections  using 世界杯滚球平台 and device-specific Click Share scores, for each of your monitored keywords.

    In addition to this update, you can now create dynamic groups of keywords that are being updated each time there are changes to the metrics based on which they are created.

  • December

    We ended the year with a bang, as the  app’s menu got a redesign.

    Reorganized the app’s sections. Now you have the possibility to expand/collapse them, and these preferences are remembered. The 'Difficulty' reports are, starting now, part of a standalone section and the 'Settings' section has been improved as well as more subsections from the upper right-hand side dropdown have been moved.

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Why People Choose
Advanced Web Ranking

Over the years, we aimed to build Advanced Web Ranking on four pillars

Customer-centric culture

At AWR, you can submit feature ideas and keep track of their implementation progress. Also every time there is an interruption in our app services, we’ll keep you updated so it does not affect your work in any way.

“What I like most is that AWR are always good at communicating any updates and they are always improving their product and adding cool new features.” - Josephine Melvin - Senior SEO Specialist,  Pheabs.com

Reliable rank tracking

Whether it’s on-demand, daily or weekly, AWR continues to deliver accurate ranking data, in multiple countries and languages, on a wide range of search engines.

“The rankings are accurate, the data insights are spot-on, and the support has been timely. I recommend AWR to all clients and partners - without fail.” - Matt Wright - Freelance SEO,  Honed

Super responsive support

The AWR support team works closely with our users to help with any issues that they may encounter, but at the same time helps them understand what Advanced Web Ranking can do for them and how it can help them achieve their business goals

“AWR is a great SEO tool and I highly recommended it. If you work with multinational sites AWR is truly great and the support team is super responsive. I used AWR first time back in 2012” - Marcus Sandstrom - Founder,  Viseo

Customizable reporting

AWR lets you customize your reports to the maximum. You can create and deliver, to your clients, reports with your own company logo that combine the columns, graphs and charts of your choice.

“WR is an important part of our daily work. With AWR we have found a software, which allows us to safely generate and deliver the reports to our customers. The software also makes it possible to customize the reports individually and quickly.” - Sven Behring - Content and Link Development SEO Manager,  Second Elements

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Our Happy Customers

AWR would be nothing without our customer community. Before every single decision we make, we try to listen and put ourselves in their shoes. Let’s see below where it takes us!

AWR is a great SEO tool and I highly recommended it. If you work with multinational sites AWR is truly great and the support team is super responsive. I used AWR first time back in 2012.

Marcus Sandstrom avatar
Marcus Sandstrom

Founder, Viseo

AWR has been a core tool for Nordnet when it comes to SEO. We have been using it during our four site migrations and it has given us very important insights and showing that we didn’t lose any keyword rankings for important areas and products.

William Hollingworth avatar
William Hollingworth

SEO Lead, Nordnet Bank

The AWR ranking tool has allowed us to take our SEO reporting to the next level. Previously we were reporting on keyword rankings for our FGC sites, but we wanted to get more insights into our organic performance and drill down into the data even more.

Kieran Hobson avatar
Kieran Hobson

SEO Lead, feelgoodcontacts.com

Specialization always pays off, also in the case of Advanced Web Ranking. If you have a variety of SEO campaigns, for example some focusing on organic and others on local search, this is the rank tracking tool for you. In my opinion there is no alternative if you have complex setups with different countries, locations, search engines and other requirements like we have in the German-speaking market.

Alexander Rus avatar
Alexander Rus

Founder & CEO, Evergreen Media

As a long-standing user of Advanced Web Ranking, we are simply amazed at AWR's reliable search ranking and reporting capabilities. With this tool, we're discovering so many new keywords and new possibilities for our SEO strategies. To all digital marketers, this is a must-have for your toolbox!

Anthony Ankers avatar
Anthony Ankers

Founder, MoreTraphic

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