Note: This article contains references to Advanced Web Ranking Desktop, a version that is no longer under active development. 

Hello everyone and welcome to our latest and greatest release, Advanced Web Ranking 11 . As you already know, we value your feedback and we want to make it easier for you to use and enjoy Advanced Web Ranking.

The biggest complaint we received about Advanced Web Ranking was that, well… it was too advanced!

In this release we decided to tackle the usability side of Advanced Web Ranking and we redesigned the user interface to be more intuitive, easy to use and portable. Yes, you read that well, portable. We’ve optimized Advanced Web Ranking for touch devices so now you can run Advanced Web Ranking on your Windows 7 and Windows 8 tablets too.

Easy Mode


To make Advanced Web Ranking less… “advanced” we’ve added Easy Mode. What is easy mode? Well, it’s the same amazing app with less clutter. Easy Mode basically switches the app to a more easy to use layout, with a restricted set of tools that will probably fit the needs of most beginner users.

Power users can always turn off Easy Mode and unleash the full power of Advanced Web Ranking. This mode was designed to ease your way into the world of Advanced Web Ranking’s power tools.

The sidebar used to have two modes, small and large that you could switch after restarting the app. No more of that! Now you can toggle the compact mode and get more screen space with a single click.


But that’s not all that changed about the sidebar. Yes, folks with smaller screens, now you can scroll vertically trough the sidebar when it has more items than your display can show.



The projects manager has moved to the top of the sidebar, because we think it’s important and the usual projects dropdown may not cut it for all our users. Some new visibility metrics like Moved Up and Moved Down are now available in this view to give you a more detailed overview of all your projects. As you can see, there are no more project categories, because we now have…

Project tags


In the previous version we had two ways of grouping your projects: categories and project lists. In this version, they became one and we named them “tags”. Don’t worry, all your previous lists and categories are still there, but both are now called tags. You can still filter the projects by names and the newly born tags, but in a project manager that is less cluttered.

Keyword Groups


While we were doing the redesign we thought we should also unify some notions to avoid confusing our users. Hence, Keyword Categories have become Keyword Groups. Not only did we change their names, we’ve also added a new view in the app that allows you set a the order you wish to see these groups in the reports. It’s as easy as drag and drop. Changing the keywords of a group also became easier, just click, click and click.



The Advanced Web Ranking Scheduler is a core feature that we’ve had since… well, forever. We decided to make it more visible, so now the Scheduler has it’s own section on the sidebar. Same amazing scheduler, now easier to find. Scheduling ranking updates, backups and reports generation was never easier.



In the old version, the update section has been the weird kid next door that never really fit in the app layout. It was tricky to use, and looked different than everything else in Advanced Web Ranking. Now the weird kid has found it’s place in the world, a section of it’s own on the sidebar.

The update progress has moved at the bottom of the sidebar and it’s now circular and occupies less screen real estate. It has the same functionality, only easier to use and more visible.

New features

Redesigning the app doesn’t mean we stop the features roll, no way. The Easter bunny brought a couple of new features to Advanced Web Ranking users.

Analytics Channels

We know how you like to see your Analytics traffic segmented by channels, so now the Analytics Dashboard can show you exactly what you need to know, grouped by channels. You can compare them, see how much each and every one of them weighs in your site’s traffic.

Did I forget something? Oh yes, the pie charts. Looking good eh? We decided to replace the boring tables with the more useful pie charts.

Analytics View in Advanced Web Ranking

Google Webmaster Tools

This has been a very requested feature from our users. Now you can see your GWT data in the ranking reports as well as the printable reports.


All you need to do is set up your GWT account in Settings -> Websites by using the Webmaster Tools button on the top bar. Once you do that, another option in the Update menu will appear so you can update the GWT data at your convenience. Here’s how it will look in the reports.


Get in touch with us

Another feature that will help both us, the development team and you, our users is the new way of contacting us. We’ve integrated a new way to talk to our support team in Advanced Web Ranking.


Just click on the help icon on the top left side of the app and choose the Get in touch with us option. You can send us your request this way without ever needing to open your mail client. You will receive the replies from our team within the application itself and in your email account.

Wrap up

As I mentioned in the beginning of the article, version 11 is our best version yet. We hope that all the improvements and new features will make a big difference in your day to day use of Advanced Web Ranking and make your life easier.

Enough talk. You can update to the latest version  now. If you haven’t tried Advanced Web Ranking yet or need an alternative online ranking solution, there’s no better time to  download a FREE 30-day trial .


    1. AWR searches just like you would search in an incognito browser window. So there is no personalized search, no history, etc. because you are not logged in.

      However, when Google sees the IP address of the PC where AWR makes the search from you will get results from that country/region depending on the keywords’ intent.

      For accurate results in a certain location, AWR allows you to create a Google search engine for each location you are interested in. That would give you the same results as someone is seeing when searching from that location.

      The other alternative would be to use proxy servers from that location, but that comes with additional monthly costs. Have you checked out AWR Cloud?

      1. No but I will. I currently use whitespark’s local rank tracking tool for this, but exploring alternatives – I work with franchises with 100s of locations.

    1. Of course you can, Rafal. A valid Maintenance Plan gives you access to all application updates. Let us know if you need any help!

  1. Will the GWT data be archived so you’ll be able to look back to whatever date is of interest? Or will the data only reflect what is currently visible in GWT (which I think is the most recent few months)?

    1. Hey Marios,

      The GWT metrics that AWR Desktop displays in ranking reports (Impressions, Clicks, Avg position and CTR) are calculated for each keyword over the last 3o days period. So at each GWT update, they are recalculated and their value overwritten. AWR does not keep track of their progress over time.

    2. Hello Marios,

      The GWT data is stored in the database on each update, but we only show the data computed over a period of 30 days from the date they were last updated. Since this is the first release that includes GWT metrics, we wanted to get a feel of what you guys really want to do with the data, and we’ll implement additional functionality in our future updates. Please do share your ideas about how you think we should integrate the GWT data in AWR.

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