As a leading agency in digital marketing, iProspect works with a team of more than 3,000 people across 50 countries. Their secret weapon is putting customers at the center of everything. This approach enables them to create focused and effective strategies, and drive digital performance that can be measured against project KPIs.

Over at iProspect Canada , Julien Beaulieu and his team deliver a professional marketing service with the help of in-depth SEO data which focuses on rankings, analytics, and links. For every new project they start, they need to track thousands of keywords, and get accurate rankings promptly.

In 2015, iProspect Canada turned to AWR Cloud for rankings accuracy and comprehensive user management. The team was already working with AWR Desktop “ due to its reliability and ease of use “.

The Challenge: Smooth platform transition

We were long time customers of AWR’s desktop version. In time, our needs evolved and we needed to move over to a more efficient and functionally robust platform that also made it easy to share rankings with clients. AWR Cloud met our quality demands.

JULIEN BEAULIEU, Earned Media Team Lead iProspect Canada

The team was accustomed with the functionalities and graphic user interface of the desktop version of AWR. In addition, they needed to verify the precision of their ranking data. This meant controlling which geolocated proxy sends which keyword query. Could this be delivered by a cloud platform?

The Process: Meeting the people

It was clear to us that before helping the iProspect Canada team migrate to AWR Cloud, we first needed to understand their current workflow.

We set up a meeting with the team to discuss their concerns. We found that the main holdbacks were the accuracy of data and the learning curve. A new GUI, as friendly as it is, can sometimes hamper the team from getting on with daily tasks.

To answer these questions, we organized a custom demo for iProspect and got the chance to showcase AWR Cloud and discuss one on one with the people who would actually use the new UI. It was an interesting Q&A experience on both sides.

Following the meeting, we set up an extended trial so everyone could have the time to get to know the new interface, and test the accuracy with manual search results from location. The back and forth discussions continued throughout the pre-sale support period, until the team was accommodated with the new platform.

The Result: From Desktop to Saas

Switching to the AWR Cloud platform made rank tracking and reporting a lot easier for the iProspect team.

In addition, costs from multiple desktop licenses and third-party proxies were cut, and the people in charge of monitoring the data updates via proxies had more time to focus on other SEO tasks now.

Other benefits of transition:

1. Rankings availability

As a web based tool, all data is stored online now, and is available for the SEO team and the clients at any time, and from any location. One of the biggest advantages about tracking rankings with AWR is that it runs on top of proxies. The accuracy of the data it provides is made possible with the help of geolocated proxy servers.

2. Data sharing options

There are several ways data can be shared:

  • Creating users with read only permissions for team members and for clients, at no additional cost. Users can login in their accounts and see data online whenever they need.
  • Sending the clients a unique link where data is refreshed automatically.
  • Sharing HTML or PDF reports that the clients can access online without the need to log in.

3. Google integration

AWR Cloud integrates Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools data, as well as Adwords statistics.

Overall it was a great experience for us working closely with the team at iProspect Canada. We learned more about our customers’ needs and, more importantly, we were able to help them make a smooth transition from AWR Desktop to AWR Cloud.

The team is now able to take a much more streamlined approach to their SEO strategies, share their reports and search results in a timely manner, and easily communicate them with their clients.

  1. It is this kind of content that I would like to see more of on your blog, usually you are posting nonsense SEO stuff like “What Your Content Marketing Strategy Should Look Like in 2017”

    You have the data to have one of the most interesting SEO blogs in the world please create more articles like this going forward.

    1. We’re glad you find it useful, Paul. And stay tuned, we’re regularly publishing content created specifically for our users as well 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

  2. Hi,

    I’d be very interested to hear what their thoughts were on the ‘links’ section of the application. We made the same transition when the ‘cloud’ version first came out and the ‘link metrics’ in the cloud are extremely disappointing compared to the desktop version. Links are basically now just ‘traffic’ from other sites. As a result we are having to run both versions of the application at additional cost.



    1. Hi, Kristin! The two versions of AWR, Cloud and Desktop, were never intended to be identical. For the Cloud version the focus was from the beginning on its main capability – rank tracking. The Links module has been developed very long after the app was released, and was a minor addition.

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